Permanent Makeup is a Process

Permanent makeup process

A new set permanent makeup procedure takes two appointments to complete - Initial Session and Touch up Session. In some cases, it could be a multiple-session process.

Permanent Makeup Step-By-Step: What to expect during your appointment

Permanent Makeup is the implantation of cosmetic pigments into the dermis layer of the skin, also known as Microblading, Micro-Pigmentation, and Cosmetic Tattooing. We offer a fully customized machine permanent makeup service for your unique facial features skin type and color. Finally, advanced powder techniques of tiny pixels to create a soft look with minimal downtime.
We specialize in permanent makeup on lips, eyebrows, and eyeliner. Please read a little step-by-step guide, so you know what to expect before the permanent makeup treatment.

Permanent Makeup Procedure

1. Consultation

We believe consultation is the most important step of the procedure. During the consultation, we will explain the permanent makeup process and answer any questions. Your medical history will be checked to assess your suitability for the treatment. You will be asked to read and fill in the consent form.
We will check what you like and how you normally do your makeup to get an idea of your style. We will chat with you about your desired result, whether you want a natural look or a more intense finish. We will discuss your expectations and advise how permanent makeup can be used to enhance your features. On the day of your permanent makeup treatment, please allow 2-3 hours from start to finish.

2. Shape & Color

Our artist will design the enhancement, first by drawing the shape on your skin with a traditional cosmetic pencil and using measuring tools to ensure symmetry and precision. This gives you the opportunity to visualize a new look.

3. Pre-drawing eyebrows design

Artist uses a dark brown pencil first to ensure that the shape can be adjusted if needed. This won’t be representative of the final look, since the color won’t be right, and also the pencil gives solid look. It is just to get an idea of the shape and positioning before we start tattooing.

Eyebrows microshading strokes

4. Outline with white pencil

Checking symmetry. The artist outlines the shape with a skin-colored pencil. Once our client approves the shape drawn, a pigment color is selected among the artist and client. Our artist will swatch colors on the forehead based on the clients’ natural eyebrow and hair color. We practice color swatch also for lips to compare with natural shade and undertones of your lips. Your chosen color which should match your natural tones will be mixed and agreed upon before we start.

5. The Initial Session of Permanent Makeup

If you are worried about pain, don’t be too concerned, everyone obviously has a different pain tolerance. The Permanent Makeup Artist will open sterile cartridges with a full safety membrane in front of the client and apply the pigment into the top layers of the skin.
You will feel a slight stinging or scratching sensation in the pigmented area. Usually, clients feel little vibration from the permanent makeup machine. Many times we won’t use a topical anesthetic on the first layer, as it changes the skin structure and the pigment doesn’t take as well. We will use a topical anesthetic cream mostly after the first layer and if really needed to numb the skin, ensuring you remain as comfortable as possible through the treatment.
We believe in the machine method with an airbrushed look that involves pin-dot pigment application that is a better way to build up additional color with less trauma to the skin. We show our clients their new look and ask if they would like to make any adjustments before they leave.
Blonde women with permanent makeup

6. Permanent makeup Touch-up

All permanent makeup and microblading is a multisession process, meaning, touch-ups are necessary. Please remember it is your responsibility to contact us after 4-8 weeks post-procedure to schedule your Touch Up Session. Even if you have good retention after the initial procedure, it is important to have your first touch-up to help prolong the results. Client and artist will go over any concerns they may have had during the healing, fill in any areas that may have faded, or simply go thicker or darker than the first time!
Please remember that like any cosmetic procedure this is a process. Do not expect immediate results and please be patient. It will be a few weeks before you can fully appreciate the final results. On rare occasions, some clients may need a second Touch up session. You must wait 4-8 weeks from your first Touch-up session to determine and schedule if you will need a second Touch-up session.

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