Nano Brows
( Machine Hairstrokes)

Nano Brows
If you are a prospective client looking for the hair-like texture that microblading provides but have a skin type that isn't suitable for it, nano brows may be the solution for you.
Nano brows utilize an advanced technique that provides a softer alternative to achieve a long-lasting, fluffy, and textured brow enhancement in situations where wispy microblading strokes cannot be performed.
Nano brows are the newest, most advanced and sought-after technique worldwide in the permanent makeup industry, and it is now available at The Better You Studio!
What Is Nano Brows?
Nano brows are a form of cosmetic tattooing that involves using a small handheld machine with an ultra-fine (usually singular) needle to implant tiny pixels of ink into the skin to enhance the eyebrow in fullness and density with lots of texture. In addition, the tiny needle(s) used in the nano brow process allows maximum precision during the procedure.

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